Avirook Sen – Readomania TalkFest 1

Man by nature is a social animal. His immediate environment, his actions and their repercussions, generate a buzz in some creative minds. Putting to verse, these tingling ideas, is a closure for many.

At the moment, Indian Writing is exploding, as more and more young writers emerge from various parts India, bringing with them, their native flavors, assiduously mixing to produce a melting pot-pourri. This could very well turn out to be the golden period of Indian writing. Also it has become relatively easy to make a career in writing, with so many alternate publishing avenues exploding all at once.

For a writer, sharing his work with world at large, is inspirational and cathartic. Some are lucky enough to find immediate resonance. Some struggle. At this point a budding writer needs guidance from those who have traversed this rough road before. Writing too, cannot happen in isolation. Exposure to good writes, various methodologies sharpens the nascent skills.

Readomania hopes to be this synergy, this bridge between the maestros and wannabes.

How: Readomania chooses to do this by having a TalkFest that will be held in the first week of every alternate month, starting from November by launching a new platform for talks, lectures, debates and discussions around the theme of literature and art. It will be a distinct literary platform offering a historical journey, a philosophical perspective on the art of creativity and innovation

Why : To encourage interest in literature. Promote reading and the art of writing by bringing in new ideas and different perspectives on literature, art

What : Readomania is a literary brand with interests in e-library for fiction and poetry, publishing – digital and print, literary products and events. Readomania’s online avatar has a membership of 10000+ literary enthusiasts and boasts of a collection of 2000 e-publications that are freely available to readers. The publication division is five books old with ten more in the pipeline in this financial year.

Who: Published authors of significant repute based out of Delhi or visiting Delhi. Young/New authors who have made a mark with their debut novelsSenior professionals from the publishing industry

Readomania kickstarts the talkfest with Mr. Avirook Sen, journalist and author of Aarushi.

When: November 4, 2015, 7 PM at Gulmohar Hall, India Habitat Centre. Avirook Sen will be speaking on Journalism and the Art of Creative writing

Profile of the speaker:

Avirook Sen is an independent journalist based in Gurgaon. He has been a reporter and editor for 25 years, working in print, online and broadcast media. Sen launched the Hindustan Times, Mumbai edition as resident editor, edited Mid-Day, and was executive editor of the news channel NewsX. He has written on a wide range of subjects, from cricket to terrorism and, most recently on crime. His work has appeared in India Today, Hindustan Times, The Express Tribune (Pakistan), New Scientist, NDTV, DNA, Firstpost, Mumbai Mirror and a number of other prominent publications.

His first book,‘Looking for America’ (Harper Collins, 2010) was described by Vogue magazine as a ‘Kerouac-like’ travelogue, and enthusiastically reviewed.

His bestselling second book, ‘Aarushi’, (Penguin, 2015) has reignited a national debate on the criminal justice system, on media ethics, and Indian middle class attitudes. The book has been described as ‘masterly’, ‘disturbing’, ‘meticulous’ and ‘explosive’. Ian Jack has said: “Few accounts of modern India can match its compelling story and unforgiving light – it matters to the here and now as few books do.I found it unputdownable.”

Sen is an ardent admirer of Capote and Hitchens, and even more so of Hunter Thompson. He is also greatly inspired by Fela Kuti, the (late) Nigerian musician, whose line “I no be gentleman at all” resonates with him.

Sen was born and raised in Calcutta.

What happens then? Will this talkfest fulfill it’s promise?

Well hope flows eternal in the human breast. Every story should have fairy tale ending. To attend this talkfest and judge for self, would be the best course of action. Watch this space for more

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