Mundane Musings of a Mom


Every person has a reason d’être, a code to define self. On the hindsight, if I were to describe myself in a single word, I would  introduce myself as a mom.

Strange because I bawled myself to near death, both times, when I saw those two defining blues lines (Quite apt I must say).

But when the kiddos were presented to me Oh so ceremoniously, it was sheer Magic!

As they say, rest is history..

On any typical working day, I am yanked out of my slumber by the sonorous rendering of MSL’s suprabhatam. I rev up muh engine without a second’s pause, crazily multi task and micro manage.

And It’s already night! The bone tired body, numb mind and tired soul, beg me to call it a day. Eyes though pregnant with sleep, adamantly refuse to comply. Sofa becomes my temporary pit stop. Smartphone plays melodic ditties filling me with new energy. As I watch rest of the family pottering about, a snug feeling of job well done envelopes me.

How did time fly by so fast?

Only yesterday, they were just babies in arms. It still feels like yesterday, when I held my lil moppets in my hand, for the very first time, totally mesmerized! Now they are grown up enough to be my buddies. Why did they grow up so fast? How did the time fly by so very quickly? If only I could hang to those mesmerizing moments, just a little longer..

As the life flashes by, eyes give in. Only to be woken up by smothering good night kisses and tender loving touches by my precious!

Makes this whole tedious drudgery oh so worthwhile! ! Would I ever have it any other way, ever?

Motherhood has changed me. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, the earlier recalcitrant, rebel of yore, has mellowed down. I slowly find myself morphing into my parents, dishing out the same gyan to my children and eliciting the same rebellious response.

Now I understand my parents and their lakshman rekhas much better and appreciate them even more. Hopefully my children will also go through the same circle of life – rebel, experience, mature, mellow and are finally completely at peace….

The business of life is serious enough. Happiness – that elusive key ‘Life Mantra’ is in your child’s unadulterated love, So I hang on tightly to every little chance, making  happiness a habit, in children and in self.  Hopefully, Happiness would be the best life affirming gift given by parents to our children.

I hereby undertake a vow that I will triple the dosage of hugs and kisses even if my kids find it very very cheesy and clingy.

Surely my epitaph is going to read “and she (s)mothered us till death!!!”

14 thoughts on “Mundane Musings of a Mom

  1. Beautiful write up Anupama! Had a tough morning with my rebellious teens, was feeling down. Your write up made me smile 🙂 ready to hug them once they’re back home.

    Liked by 1 person

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