A-AllJazz & Air Borne



AllJazz declared throwing the newspaper down “Bas! I have decided! Time has come for me to seize this burning matter into my expert hands!”.

Hmm-Husband, without missing a bit, continued to sip his watery poison while he bore holes into his news rag and still managed a “Huh?”.

Years of marital practice had made him an expert at muttering ‘I’m so interested in what you say’ while he mentally played out the latest episode of rumbustious ‘Nation wants to know’.

” You don’t understand anything. As is usual, I have to worry about everything. We have to do something! Walk the Talk, Experience the New etc etc ”

“Ok , what do you propose?” Hmm-Husband valiantly asked while inwardly trembling.

“Let’s take a vacation – with our children!!” AllJazz was suddenly feeling ten feet tall now.

“There is a slight hitch to that. The first born has grown wings and scrammed as soon as he could. No hopes of his coming back!”

She stopped him midway. “So what? I can always forward the Lovey-Dovey-Family-Wala Whatsapp messages that I get every morning. Scintillating-Son, over come with emotions, will come running  home you see”

“Before he disowns us, why don’t you try that homing principle on our Darling-Dotty?”

Was that sarcasm? AllJazz decided to gloss over it.

Hmm-Husband was warming up to the horror filled task ahead already. After much permutations and combinations, tear sessions later,  it was time to roll.

AllJazz started the process a week before… Getting wardrobe ready for the chosen destination, surviving on lettuce and being Instagram and whatsapp ready. She tried a Makeover with mani, pedi, facial, wax & haircuts.. Walking shoes, pumps, heels,  clutches, purses, slingys, assorted makeup stuff and few dozen varieties of clothing were packed… But she still doesn’t have anything to wear and she is surely gonna photograph bad!

Kids (?) packing meant  IPad, IPod, Mobiles, Kindles, Xboxes, CDs and their assorted charges.. Clothes? They could live in one pair & chappals..

Hmm-Husband was sorted when he managed to pack in his Wallet, Cards, Mobile. He was too zonked to do anything else. It’s cricket season silly! Why did he marry such an intelligent woman?

AllJazz took care of everything amidst all-round  grumbling.

Air borne and back. Status Quo.

A vacation was needed to get over this vacation.

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