O – One Minute Please


Sweety checked her reflection in the mirror. A deep sigh escaped her lips. “Uff! Such high maintenance, yet no happy result..” She moved out anyways. She was meeting Ponty at his office in the newly opened plush mall for lunch and didn’t want to be late.

As soon as Ponty saw Sweety, he gave a warm grin and slammed his Mac shut. Almost immediately his iPhone( latest of course) rang.

He looked at the caller and pleaded “One Minute please. You go ahead honey”

Always understanding Sweety decided to check out the new shirts in Marks and Spencers. As she was about to step in, she saw Bindiya walk out. A deep sigh escaped her lips.

“Uff!” Beauteous Bindiya! Slim and tall Bindiya!! Ponty’s earlier GF Bindiya!!

Sweating, Sweety decided to make a run for it. She was looking back and moving fast when the big crashing sound startled her.

She had managed to evade Bindiya by running to a next door Swaroski Outlet, only to bang into their beautiful crystal vase which of course costed a bomb. Naturally the shop wanted her to pay up, not taking too kindly to her pitiful story. She realized that she left her phone and wallet on Ponty’s desk, which of course the staff wouldn’t believe.

They insisted on sending their head assistant, a tall harridan along with Sweety.

As they both marched ahead, via the food court, the harridan suddenly started spouting choicest swear words, darted and swooped on a young couple. Startled Sweety could make out that the boy was the son who was playing truant from school and the young lass was the evil eye he was supposed to keep away from. As the harridan started pulling the lass’s hair, lassie made a quick dash at it, straight to the escalator followed by the huffing harridan. She double jumped and rammed into a yuppie who saw his brand new S7 flying in the air. He tried valiantly to catch it, falling all over Ponty who was chitchatting with a little girl. Ponty  somersaulted trying to save the girl. The guard at the escalator used his quick mind and switched off the supply, making all and sundry, tumble across.

Ponty suffered a major fracture and was rushed into the brand new five star hospital. Routine head to toe examinations there, showed three major Artery blockages, which needed immediate stent implants.

Ponty took ten days to recuperate

Finally it was time to go home. After Sweety took care of all the formalities, she came back to the room to wheel out Ponty.

The mobile rang then.

Ponty looked at the caller and pleaded “One Minute please. You go ahead honey”

Legend has it, it was at that moment Sweety stabbed Ponty.

6 thoughts on “O – One Minute Please

  1. Ha ha…. my hubby is always the One minute please kind…. and if he says give me five minutes…. i know whatever it is i won,t get it done today. Loved reading.

    Liked by 1 person

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