P – Perfume



It was to be like any other day….

A Perfunctory Pat on the moppets’s head, a Token Hug to the wife

On to Boardroom brawls, Power Lunches, Charity Dinners…


 A cursory glance at the Obituary Listings,

Hit me right in the Solar Plexus

 My Mon Amour, my Raison d’etre, hard to believe, was no more.


Was it only yesterday, her father had dismissed our ‘Undying Love‘ proclamations

Called me an Unworthy Suitor, a Social Upstart  after her monies…

 My love meekly acquiesced and broke my heart into thousand pieces


This rejection became my driving force..

I quickly climbed the social ladders  and married  into  money

The Trophy Wife never understood why

Perfume  to me, was always Simply Floral 


My love’s death is her Redemption and my Release

From the all Pervading Fragrance of her Floral Perfume


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