Q – Quirks of English

My “I want to gift you a ‘Rapidex English Speaking course‘ ” moment was when Husband’s dearest Saddi Dilli friend declared in all earnestness,
‘You sleep WITH him right now, both of you are so tired’ in front of family and friends. Everybody nodded in vehement agreement, as if that would lessen the tiredness.
Rajnathji take that! English is indeed an assault on our Sanskriti.
India is a country with diverse languages. Heck you don’t need my article to tell you that. But having a native language as your mother tongue and another language to communicate or to bond across, can give rise to many colorful interpretations.
English, that way is a very tricky language.
Many people want to ‘loose‘ weight. Many during exam time study ‘hardly‘. Some don’t have a cook so they ‘cook themselves‘.
HUDA continues to build a batter future.
Can we ever forget “Dear Dairy, I had a great day!”
Or “Respected Principle,…”
Weather we like it or not 😀
How can we ever forget the eternal Dilli favourite…
Come to the backside ” !!!!
or “Where is the shop please “”If you go from my front side you will find it on my backside”
What is your good name?”  Well do we have bad ones too?  😛
It was raining so hard, that it was not taking the name of stopping.

After having a sumptuous and satisfying meal, one can be heard declaring  – “ I’m fully fed up and now I have a headache in my head

Instructions for a tree plantation drive at school might read “ We will plant trees in so and so’s backside.”

Teachers have known to say –

“The Principal just passed away. Why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am teaching you here? Tomorrow I want to meet both your parents,  mother and father. Kindly revert back and you! Stand in the Middle of the center of the circle.  BTW, I have two daughters, both are girls”

And the clincher….
”For your above
… See my below

( sent as a reply for an official communique! Not messing with ya)
Real choppy waters indeed
I am hardly equipped to comment. Way back in history, I had a propensity to juxtapose bombastic words (QED) to cover for my rather inadequate knowledge of this dreaded language called English. I thought ‘Florence Nightingale was a promiscuous lady‘ sounded heavy and befitted her noble profession of tending to the needy. I wrote the same in my 12th class English Finals. My (M.A. English) mom almost fainted when she heard my answer. She promptly presented me the dictionary and Norman & Lewis !!!
Mom thought I would surely fail and not surprisingly I got super marks. Looks like someone else needed these books too.
I stopped being a Grammar Nazi a while ago ( seriously how lame and pretentious?) when I realized these quirky interpretations and usages are what add the texture and beauty to this alien language which we have made as our own.
That is to say, Bring on those quirks I say!

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