S – Solitaire, Southie, Sloth



I saw you last month… A stand out amongst the bevy of beauties..

Surely, One of His greatest creations..

I couldn’t sleep ever since ..

Every single moment was spent, thinking about you…lusting after you…

I moved Heaven and Earth, plotted any number of schemes to have you…

Just for Me…

You had to succumb to my charms and one fine day, you were Mine…

Every inch…

Sadly my dear, I have a roving eye and your allure is already on the wane..

Another beauty beckons me… Entices me..You cant fault me… Any time now, I shall own her…

A pair of Solitaires deserve a solitaire pendant 😀



Garam Garam Hot Rice

Home made Achar with lots a Spice

Redeemed somehow by Sambar & Fries

To be had with Ghee & Curd on Doctor’s Advice 😀

Finished off in a Trice

Not so hips friendly Vice

But back to it always saying “Very Nice Very Nice”

My Foibles now, hopefully wouldn’t be my Old age Price 😀



Kammo watched the Dusty Cavalcade ride into the setting sun,

Crawling into the hut, she lit a tiny lamp to welcome the dark night….

Pig tailed Kammo clapped when the Handsome Amma promised electricity.

Saree clad kammo was wishful when the Winsome Son echoed..

Wizened Kammo was wistful when the Man replayed…

Now it’s the Babalog ….

Oh the Sloth of Governance! 😦


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