V – Valentine’s Day Vows





Sita aka Vaidehi sat staring at her fb account.

The dailies were strewn around with all ads torn and crumpled. The deluge had just begun. The surfeit of red, chocolates and diamond discounts was nauseating her.

“Now everyone will status update with all those lovey dovey pics flaunting their VDay gifts. VDay! Uff! sounds more like a Venereal Disease. This hoopla is beginning to get to me. Need to head out. ASAP”

She then immediately created a whatsapp group “USlayGurrl” and started adding members-

Draupadi, Yashodhara, Rukhmini, Radha, Urmila and as an after thought Mandodari too.

They decided to head for a coffee soon.

But first Mani-Pedi sessions with a trendy haircut, had to be taken. They would be instagramming later all about their date. So they had to look dishy with picture perfect pouts in place.

After all the mandatory dressy issues and color codes were sorted, they settled into a no holds barred soul cleansing chatathon

Sita went first.. “Love Shove. Too much to bear. About this V-Day..”

Draupadi chipped in. “I haven’t yet decided with whom to go.. It’s actually the turn of twins this year! More like Buy One get One Free, but my heart is stuck on the Brave Archer. Brawny one is all into flexing muscles and dazzling skin show and Wise One is always pontificating. Kills the fun you know!”

Yashodhara(rolling her eyes): “At least you have options. Mine has gone off in search of spiritual salvation, a cure the world solution,  leaving me all high and dry.. You know what I mean.. You see”

Rukmini took over “ Look I have seven more wives to contend with. I am fed up with that roll of dice thingy. Somehow Satya gets it in her favour! Always! Me thinks, she borrows the dice from Shaks Mama”

Radha butted in. “Gurrls stop whining. You are all legally wedded wives. I have to be happy with random stolen evenings if lucky then nights.. that is if these wives leave Him”

Sita: “What about my story huh? First of all, as soon as we were married, he decided to be noble and all, gave up the Gaddi, sauntered off to the jungle. I thought it would be nice to have him all to myself and I followed him. Loving bro had to play the spoil sport and tagged along. Then this Ra-One kidnapped me. Never had a moment’s peace”

Urmila: “Pipe down sister! The same loving bro put me to sleep for 14 years. So don’t you go calling muh husband names. Lemme finish first.”

Mandodari who had been silent till then gave an acidic smile “Why am I here? I lost everything thanks to you Sita.Yet I am walking. Don’t whine!”

Kunti and Gandhari are nearby, catching up on good old times..

As is the practice, they cannot help overhearing.

They quickly drag themselves and join in the party quite uninvited and start dishing out time tested gyaan.

Old habits die hard you see.

Kunti: “ I could mesmerize anyone I liked which I did too, but then settled to watch over kids when a moment of insane amour killed Hubby dearest. I had to bring up my Souten’s kids too. So you got it easy ladies! Stop complaining!”

Gandhari:” Well! I shut the world for him! Life long! And then sired 101 children!! Just Imagine! Could anyone of you top that?”

As they sat moping, with their chins dropping to the table, it hit them collectively.

They were super stupendous sirens and their happiness lay in their hands.

So Live it up, Love yourself..

Every day is a Valentine’s Day, a Love-all Day!

And the lissome lassies?

They marched out smartly to “What an idea Sirjee” playing in the background.


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