White Ambassador, White clad Man


The woods are lovely dark n deep

I have miles to go before I weep or sleep

The slate will be smudged and coloured with revamped compositions

A long look at reflection with all its imperfections

But I have promises to keep, before I sleep


This post is about an early morning dream that I had a while ago.

It was so vivid that I haven’t forgotten it yet.


“It was one of the most difficult cars to navigate on the road.

A Mother-of-Pearl-White, gigantic Ambassador.

That too for a person like me, who did not know how to drive!

Against my volition, I was just thrust into the driver’s seat and asked to drive..

The controls were all wired terribly wrong.

A Bus-like Gear System, Clutch else where, an Accelerator in place of a Brake and adding to this chaos was the Incessant Blaring Traffic.

I was dying a thousand deaths already.

To my utter delight, I coped beautifully.

I drove slowly, avoided collisions and managed to park in a beautiful, lush green colony with happy faces and gambolling children.

I sat soaking in the atmosphere.

Alas, in a trifle, the dark night came in sharply. It was time to head back.

The evening traffic with it’s non-dipping lights, pitch darkness around and the T intersection ahead-  All seemed impossible to overcome.

Suddenly I realized that I was in the rear passenger seat.

A Pristine-White Clad  Man was in the driver’s seat.

He navigated with dexterity and cautioned me about an open rear door where my son was sitting and he could have fallen off.

As I sat transfixed, the White Clad Man shut the door for me and continued cruising.

I saw that there was a steering wheel, clutch, accelerator, brake, in front of me and I tried to use them to steer the car.

All along, I  thought, it was I who did the driving but all I had, were the Dummy Controls!

It was all along He! And Him alone !!”

Dear God, Please be there for me.




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