X – X X chromosome, My Darling Daughter



Letter X is for me is always the XX chromosome –

My dear darling daughter.

You are a pocket sized dynamite.

A little rebellious, a little cantankerous, extremely kind, a hug machine, a little lazy but always the first one to pitch in. Very girly yet loves to lounge in Ts and Capris. Focussed yet flighty. Super sentimental but stoic.

You are a study in dichotomy indeed, sweets.

You came pretty much unannounced, preparing us already, that you are going to be very much your own person. As you grow into a confident young lady, I see a smattering of myself in you. Mothers can’t help that dearie 🙂

Your wisecracks  make My day.

Like when I gleefully asked you, “Baby, how could you love silly old me so much?

You looked at me for one whole minute, sizing me up and then calmly suggested.

You are my MOM. It’s my job to love you!

I should have just kept my mouth shut and enjoyed while the going was good…

I guess it was a left handed compliment when you said in all earnestness :

Mom you are good cooker! But if we put too much pressure on you, you blow your whistle real hard!”

You always managed to make me stay grounded honey, with your pithy observations like when you intoned helpfully

“Papa, please don’t disturb mom, she is youngifying herself!” when I was tending to my mushrooming white strands

Or when you came to pick me up after a makeover session,

Brother is sleeping on the sofa peacefully. After going home, you say Boo to him, and I will capture his look on the camera


How can I forget the time when I was having serious blues and existential dilemmas, you hugged me tightly and soothingly said,

“Don’t go on that dangerous self pity trip mom. You figure tops in our list and we are proud that you always try.”

I love the dishes you churn out for us honey and I wait eagerly to hear those nineteen to a dozen things you have to tell me when you come back from school. Then horrible father time takes over and I go totally crazy. I hate that absolutely and I promise you, I’ll rectify that.

Why did you grow up so fast? How did the time fly by so very quickly?

It still feels like yesterday, when I held you, lil moppet in my hand, for the very first time totally mesmerized. A perfect pink rose bud 🙂

All these sweet memories, make me realize how much I cherish you.

Hence I undertake a vow that I am going to double the dosage of hugs and kisses even if you find that very very cheesy and clingy.

So there..

Motherhood has changed me so much. As I grow older and hopefully wiser, the earlier recalcitrant, rebel of yore, mellows down. And I slowly find myself morphing into my parents, dishing out the same gyan to you and eliciting the same rebellious response. Hopefully you will also go through the same circle of life –

Rebel, Experience, Mature, Mellow and Completely at Peace….

You have so much potential dearie.

Dream big. Soar high. Have Values. Keep Smiling

We are always there for you, standing by you.

But tonight, as a parent, I sleep easy at a job well done.

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