Y Chromosome – The Crown Prince



I bawled my eyeballs out, when I discovered the big news.

I literally killed myself getting that lil rat out.

The nurse made a huge melodrama presenting this squiggly baby to me.

I set my eyes on you for the first time when they held you by a leg and whacked the life out of you. One cry and my life changed eternally. Nothing is gonna be the same ever again, even though those been-there, done-that wiseys keep saying, quite the opposite.

I obsessed over the unmentionables by you while I coolly polished off the entire table.

Time flew with Admissions, Alphabet, Arithmetic, Scratches, Fever, College, Heartaches becoming the topics of the day..

We have had some fantastic times, Sonny, managed to come through some terrible times and sticky situations by simply being there for each other. We chatted well into the night sharing each other’s dreams  and fears but also fought with each other on trivial issues.

That life lived queen size moments for me was when you, my ‘Man-child’ said

 “Mom, I like your company, you should more spend time with me. You are stronger and braver than Batman and Superman put together

I know! I know!! You were just being hyperbolic but still,

What the hell! Made my day!!

Then you followed it up with this!

Hopeful Moi “Sonny, how do I look in this new T-Shirt?

Loving You  “Adnan Sami in John Abraham’s T-Shirt!”

How times have changed. Now each time You call Me, I use Net Banking and each time I call you Sonny, you  use Call Dropping

I keep my phone, completely charged, next to me, in the night too (Radiation, emission, cancer be damned), lest I miss your call – the call that makes my day,  makes me smile and shine like a 100 Watt bulb.

The call does come. Usually after midnight, after I’m zonked out to the world. Which I pick up without fail and  I power up almost instantly.

I understand that  loving you my child, also means letting you go!  Only when I let go, will I let you grow

All I can do is to love you unconditionally and pray that your efforts at conquering life do not singe you or scar.

I pray that while you experiment, you also learn your lessons from  failures (God Forbid).

We always will stand by You. You know that. .

I wish there was a button that could make  my heart less emotional.

I am a mother till I’m boxed! No letting up then too, I’m promising ya

Hopefully my epitaph shall read

“And she (s)mothered us!”

I end with this post with a note I wrote to you on your Birthday

“I can never forget the first time I set my eyes on you – My Miracle !

I was dying of pain and your first cry revived me – God’s Miracle !!

You were a handful and you kept me on my toes

Your radiant smile always won over friends and foes

Have I seen 19 calendars already?

You are all grown up and all ready !

Waiting to conquer the whole wide world !!

But honey, it’s a Big Bad World !!!

How can i let you go so soon?

Darling, it’s all too soon!

I try and tell myself, “It’s time to cut the apron strings”

Let the values that we gave you, be the wind beneath your wings !

Go, Soar, Conquer! The world’s your stage !!

Surely and fondly, we celebrate your growth backstage!!!

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