Z – Zapping the Zeal and Zest



Dully She watched, as He paced around spewing hateful venom..

Why do you endure this vitriol?” her Alter-Ego popped an unanswerable question

She half nodded at his character-smearing, soul-searing tirade

My beauty, My bane. Others think it’s a wondrous boon!” She soliloquized

Your looks are his stepping stones on the societal ladder” Alter-Ego quipped

He needs me. Under that acidic veneer, lies a heart beating for his bride” she softly rebutted

He was never the Wall between his wife and his amorous friends with their lecherous looks” Conscience Keeper carped

Children wilt in a broken home. I am the Glue, I am the binder” she reasoned with herself

Too scared to step out of your comfort zone and too used to the spoils of life” Diminishing Voice of Reason, muttered

The Haranguing Husband rested, with his tirade done…

War Weary Wife, rose to cook his daily bread…

Auto pilot was set in motion!

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