A-to-Z Reflection [2016]

On a bored afternoon, I was doing, what I did the best with an utterly blissed out look.


One of my friends had published a blog. As I went through her post, I saw her gushing friends had suggested her to join the A-Z 2016 blogging challenge and had even kindly gave the URL too. I quickly did a Cut, Copy, Paste as I remembered my very erudite friends doing this challenge the previous year and going utterly ga ga over it. And then completely forgot all about.

Paradise Lost!

Life chugged along with the same is, as is, status quo. As is usual, I woke up at the last minute when a friend posted about this challenge and God only knows why, tagged me.

And all hell broke loose. I scurried from forum to forum, gathered relevant links and then managed to register.

Paradise regained

What a wonderful exercise, it turned out to be. I had no clue what to to write and how to. I had no idea if anyone from the core team would ever read my tripe ( which unfortunately they did and then commented too which lead to my temporary demise. I shortly then revived, when faced with vexing questions like “What’s for food?” )

I managed to survive this challenge with the help of  friends(old and new) Vasudha, Namrata, Deepti, Soma. This writing challenge has also helped me to write the first draft of my novella.

I realized I could produce 500 random words  easily and stitch them together as a Kitschy narrative.

What tomorrow gives? I know Not, But today I sleep proud at a job well done

Needlessly to say, I would be among the first ones queuing up, next year.

Cometh April, Cometh AJ

So there, you have been forewarned 😀




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