Lime & Lemony LIMCA Book of Records

Limca Records

An Anthology that I co-authored with great set of authors, finds a place in LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS 😀

One item off the Bucket List, I guess 😀

Life threw me lemons and I managed a quenching LIMCA

As my first born toiled for various exams, I would often give him company. I had nothing much to do really as I was down with a major physically debilitating disease. Then death decided to strike the family with all it’s attendant vulgarities.

To kill time and to retain sanity, I started to write small snippets, daily drama and random notes, contributing to various online forums. Once I discovered the aphrodisiac  power of likes, I slowly went onto write  short stories and found some success.

I have been part of three published short story anthologies with hopefully more in the pipeline.

One of these anthologies – Crossed n Knotted- gets a nod by LIMCA BOOK of RECORDS as India’s FIRST COMPOSITE NOVEL 😀  A happy thumbs up indeed.

I blog across platforms and wear many hats. I earn my monies teaching children. I am the Admin of SeniorSchoolMoms, a much cherished educational Facebook group.

I’m at a happy station. What tomorrow holds ? I don’t know.

I wish to enjoy today, to the fullest.

But yesterday was tough and very.

Ours is a mixed marriage. A marriage that happened after much bad blood amongst all the parties involved. Husband and I set up a little Mom & Pop kind of software startup. We made kickass software but didn’t manage to rake in much moolah.

Senior_Junior decided to arrive on the scene almost like a Bharjatiya movie scene, to soothe the soured relationship between the elders. I bawled and how. This was not in the life plan. Nonetheless I still coped with stinky poops, dial-up connections, moody animators, dripping with knowledge through toe-nails waale relatives, wobbly belly which still refuses to go, very matronly wardrobe, adamant visual basic code and erratic sleep patterns of baby, thereby me.

And then Junior_Junior arrived. Husband meanwhile, had moved on to green bucks and managerial positions in ivy league companies. With two kids, it was too much of a load to lug around, this mom and pop show for me. So I wound it up and followed husband around his various postings. The kids grew up and you know the rest of the story.

When destiny  closes one door, other one always opens.

On hind sight, it could be even better.

Since I found my calling (quite late in the day I must say, but still managed to find), thus dabble in writing and daily dispense my random rubbish on the unsuspecting public at large, I have vowed that I definitely do not have the right to remain silent.

Anything that anyone says, can and will be used in my writings.

So there, you have forewarned 😀

2 thoughts on “Lime & Lemony LIMCA Book of Records

  1. Today is tough and very but I believe in Ruk Jaana Nahin.😊..and now further inspired by you. Congrats !!! Crossed and Knotted in my bucket list … be read before I kick the bucket.

    Liked by 1 person

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