Try Writing Funny While the Family Sermons

“Make Sure It is rip roaringly funny!”

On that ominous advice, the call ends.

Even before I can have a word in edgeways.

I nod absentmindedly and mutter some native unmentionable expletives.

Burnt acrid smell, jolts me up.

Rats! Panner Bhujiya has now turned into Burnt Bhajiya.

I throw in some sparkling greens to mask the mess, hoping to bring in some color.

The pan resembles a very muddy earth with smattering of bushes.

Grub done, I announce to all and sundry “I am working now!”

It is obvious that no one has paid much attention.

Darling Dotty comes in with her ukulele, gives me a bone crushing hug and without any warning takes off into a “Cheer you Up While You Work” Wala song!

The song is something very absurdly called “Little talk!” but lasts real long.

At the very moment Hmm-Husband decides to discuss financials, interest rates and FDS.

In walks Scintillating Sonny, who then gives me a no holds bar update on Potato Prices for the past 100 years. Not satisfied, he then takes an on the spot tutorial, to see if I am paying any attention. I barely pass.

Hmm_Husband is still continuing with his comparison of ICICI and HDFC while Darling Dotty has now moved onto “Ode to Joy” at full throttle, on the hindsight not so very joyful. Drats!

I later discover that the maid sensing a God almighty chance, declares a Chutthi for herself the next day and scoots off before I can understand the full impact of her muffled speech.

I am still sporting that giddy goofy smile and planning out high Falutin sentences.

Only they aren’t funny any more.

My dad calls on cue, extremely bugged that I haven’t called him to update on his latest gadget query.

My mother also pitches in, declaring quite selflessly, “I read your latest article. Full of mistakes as usual. Don’t worry, I have highlighted them in red, for your convenience! You can correct and try not to repeat”

I am still figuring out my next word as my battered brain tries some mental exercises like 2+2 and what follows after ‘A’

Daughter now croons “sounds of silence”

Irony anyone?

After talking about Potatoes, Son comes back to that existential question.

”Khaane men Kya Hai?” Obviously Burnt Bhajiya doesn’t quite cut it. He then potters off to kitchen to rustle up something for himself.

Oh dear God!! Should I worry?

Hmm_Husband now brings SBI into the interest

In this bedlam, that dreaded call comes again with same rejoinder!

“Remember the deadline is tomorrow and Funny is the key word!”

Yeah Right!

But would I ever have it otherwise?


Lurking under this supposed bedlam are the strong family ties and deep love for each other.

Because ultimately, Family is everything.