Ma 0H Tujhe Salaam



Many dark ages ago, there was Mother India who killed her Paapi Puttar for violating the code of conduct of an ideal son.

Then came Dee war zoned mother Nirupa Roy who always chose good over towering evil.

But these are modern times with instant and constant connectivity. 

Motherhood has changed so much with technology. We have newer and smarter categories now.

Groupie Mom : She is part of so many groups, gathering so much instant knowledge from all those dripping with gyaan from their toe nail type forums. Where does she have the time to absorb all that and test drive on her poor unsuspecting children is matter for serious discussion!

Facebook Mom: Every single minute of her child’s life is carefully documented and immediately uploaded for public consumption. Whether it is eating food, changing clothes or good old poop sesssion. Likes are matter of life and death and unsavory comments are fought tooth and nail. It’s simply safe to like and leave. ( better still unfriend! But if you do that, when you do upload stuff, you may not be left with many to ‘like’ )

Whatsapp Mom: All the test schedules are whatsapped to the core groups, husband, in-laws, driver, maid etc. To the poor tutor, in triplicate and the plan of action ahead with all the moody emoticons added in for good measure. Those two blue ticks are her real silent stress busters. Any time is a good time for “I will Whatsapp you!

Google Mom: “Chalo Google kar lete hain!” is her go-to mantra which she chants at least 108 times in a day. What was she doing before Larry and Sergey brainstormed, we will never know!

Twitter Mom: The storm that she can create with those 140 characters is seen to be believed! A buzz has to be generated each time a brain wave hits her. Of course after tagging moms who think alike.

And there are those Snapchat moms, Skype moms, Instagram moms, ‘I will connect with you’ moms who add great flavour to mommiedom

And last but not the least

We are Like This Only Mom: Chilled out and carefree, she isn’t unduly worried about stuff. Her basic guiding philosophy is “This too shall pass“. Nothing really moves her including earthquakes. She sometimes suffers from the delusions that she is left behind but that is transitory. In the next instant, she is back to normal letting her children be.

Whatever may be her type, she always wants the best for her darling. That is the only truth

And there are moms like moiTotally Useless.  Who bombard the poor world with useless tripe, while sporting an invisible halo on the head.

And so you have been forewarned!!!


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