Kids and their Sassy talks

anupama lores-44

We kill ourselves to get those lil rats outs and wait desperately for them to spout wisdom!

What happens next? Read On…

When Scintillating Sonny took his Mom AllJazz for Dinner…..

Scintillating Sonny : “We leave in 5 minutes and 5 means 5! 

Mom can you speed up the process? Stop wasting time with online capers”

AllJazz shuts her laptop wondering how fast the first laptop had grown, quietly changes and comes out all beaming!

Scintillating Sonny : “Are you going out wearing THAT? 

Mom, Please Remember we are doing fine dining!”

Paradise Lost.

AllJazz quietly changes into something that passes the hard taskmaster’s scrutiny. 

Paradise Regained.

Now thankfully the attention shifts to hmm_Husband!

Shaking his head, Scintillating Sonny : “Dad could you please please put on a shirt? And No shorts please!”

Darling Dotty had always been quick on the uptake. She quickly rushes in, to change into Sonny’s fave colors.

All Set Then

But it still goes on. 

No selfies. No checking in. No mobile chatting. Talk softly. Put the cutlery properly at the end. 

Boy! Life is a Full circle ain’t it?


AllJazz’s thirteen year old daughter while wolfing down the dinner comments ” mom you are good cooker! But if we put too much pressure on you, you blow your whistle real hard!”

…hmm talk about left handed compliment 🙂


It was that time of the month! When all the grey strands searched and given a makeover. All the arsenal was ready. Color, brush etc and AllJazz got down to business. Imagine her horror when Darling Dotty screamed, “Papa! don’t disturb mom! she is busy youngifying herself!”


Darling Dotty croons “Bro, I am Big Eyed. You are Big Nosed and Mom is Big Mouthed!”

After a huge all around silence ” oh I meant, big lipped” 


Hmm with such uplifting kids and their wisecracks, one can be very sure to be always grounded.

No horns on the head!

It always comes back, with interest.

Love it like crazy. #everydayisamothersday

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