Dear Zindagi!! A Review

#DearZindagi #KissaKursiKa


Firstly, if someone promises me  that the psychologist\psychiatrist ( the movie makers seem to swing to n fro with the job description) is going to be as dishy and as dimpled as SRK and the healing touches/sermons/life jazz/comparisons would be dished out on the Goan beaches, I am game to go all design distressy, with untold, unresolved angst to boot. Aint that peach, really?

But hey, life happens to all, threatening to scar and singe. Making you stumble and fall. No one is spared from it’s heft. Nada!

Bas, you gotta pick yourself up and keep walking.

I may suck at whole lot things but allow me this gloat – I  am a good…nope a Great MoM.

Hence I could pretty much fathom the raison d’être of the conflicts which shaped rather stunted Alia’s relationship curves.

Still! One tends to get puzzled as to why, when these protagonists that Bollywood rolls out for us, have it all, they aren’t happy yet? Why does the new-gen fret and flounder? Have the paradigms of happiness changed all around or is it hip to trip and crib till eternity?

Is life, a game of perfect IKEA musical chairs?  Aren’t most of us just happy to get one decent chair to settle in?

All said and done, go see this movie for Alia! How effortlessly she holds the movie together, even in the most banal of situations! I love her spirit. Also for Shah Rukh’s pop treatment of the trauma. Did I forget the sweet tall lads who flit in and out of Alia’s life or her constant girls?

Catch this flick before some MNSish outfit discovers, this has the adorable Ali Zafar (way better than Fawad 😉 )

If only it was that easy to embrace your debilitating demons, slay them swiftly and walk out with a spring in your step, filled with gossamer hopes.

Lastly don’t go expecting an English-Vinglish wala standards

That was Sridevi! They don’t make like her anymore…

Do remember to hug your child real tight tonight

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