Chalking a Better Future – Cleaner and Healthier Indian Children



I was surfing the ubiquitous net, looking for some interesting stories to pen. Anything to clear my terrible blues.

And then I chanced upon a video. I clicked on  the video with half the attention; but soon I was swept away.

Almost immediately, I was transported back to the good old days, when I would pitch in, an hour or two, a week, in the local government schools. The children would be from the lower income strata, with gleaming eyes and hungry stomachs. The mid-day meal was one of their compelling reasons to attend school. But for these kids, hygiene was a tough act to follow. The children would rush in to eat the moment the  break would be announced, often forgetting to wash up. I would watch over while vainly warning them to wash their hands.

screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-55-17-pmYou really cannot stop a hungry child can you?

All through the day, at school, these children are working on their slates with chalks, writing, drawing, using the same hands for wiping the slate clean and eating food too.

Imagine if they had a tool, with which they worked and the same tool helped them in cleaning their hands?

How wonderful would that be?

The Savlon Ad seemed to have some workable solutions to my memories and pending questions.screen-shot-2016-12-02-at-3-53-19-pm

Savlon’s (a leading hygiene brand) ‘Savlon Swasth India Mission’ believes that Healthier Kids, will lead to a Stronger India’.

This Children’s day, in line with that belief, Savlon introduced the Healthy Hands Chalk Sticks – a set of unique chalk sticks infused with cleansers like soap.

These colorful chalk sticks are designed to engage children while they learn in primary schools. These chalks also help the children understand  the importance of washing hands before meals as the chalk powder, on these tiny hands, when put on under water, turns to lather. This attracts as well as forces the children to scrub their hands thoroughly.


How simple and heartwarming is this concept!!  Smart ideas do make for great changes! 

This innovative program, can bring a mindset change towards hygiene amongst the children.

This one-of-a kind lathering Chalk sticks, has already reached more than 3 lakh children and the aim is to reach 1 million children a year.

I wish I had something similar to share, when I was teaching.


The distinctiveness of this concept and it’s implementation has been showcased in this video. v=VVWUlWEfJ1k 

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