YRF Ladies!! By Belonos


YRF and Dharma Productions have unleashed a new brand of a liberated woman of the 21st century on us.

This lissome and leggy lass usually stays abroad, is well heeled and well travelled, nurses some deep and unfathomable angst against her parents who still fund her escapades, no trace of ambition whatsoever except to out-drink the fragile boy silly(The boy is an eternal Work in Progress who needs serious emotional rescuing) while she pub hops in skimpy designer threads sporting oh so carelessly colored curls. She jumps into the bed with élan, lip locks with as much ease as chewing gum. Morals be damned.

She has this ‘Carpe Diem – Seize the Day’ wala attitude to life, owing it’s genesis to the aforesaid childhood anguish. She has to do weird stuff to show that her coolness quotient is stratospheric.

So no flowers, only cactus. No love to complicate the relationships, only shove. ‘Let’s get physical’ gets a new meaning here. Slapping a cop or strip tease in a library are extremely kosher, puritans and conservatives be damned.

As a mother of a teenaged girl – I find it depressing that these are the role models unleashed on the larger public.

But still, educated with this eye-opening knowledge, I scouted around for such a girl in my habitat. Extremely relieved to say, I haven’t found one such, so far.

The ones I have met, are busy breaking the glass ceilings with their achievements and most often have been more than inspirational

May be because I reside in the Sanskaari Gurugram (oh Yeah! You betcha) and not in the hedonistic Paris or in the Melting pot London.

Search is on. Watch this space.


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