Upma and AnUpma

Scintillating_Sonny shook All_Jazz, as she gentle snored at around 10 am, on a wintry morning.

Damn! another earthquake? Where the hell is that handy backpack carrying all the essential documents?” All_Jazz mulled as her limited zonked out  brain cells tried to comprehend the enormity of the situation.

We need to talk!” Scintillating_Sonny sternly suggested, as he continued to shake All_Jazz, his mom!

Have we reached that stage in our relationship already Sonny?” stuttered All_Jazz, slowly coming to life, in the man-kind infested world.

Yes! And it is high time! I have to be independent now! Teach me how to cook!” 


This from the First-Born when the Second-Born, the Darling_Dotty, sprawled in front of the TV, had screamed, “Khana Milega? Ya lena Padega?” Uff you never know with these ones really!

Huh? Sonny? Are you ok? Anything serious? Are you setting up another home?

Mom! Why do you go off on a tangent, always?

I haven’t had my caffeine fix yet!

Go and finish your ablutions and I will get you a steaming cup of coffee!

Seriously? Were Gods on her side today?

As she came out of the loo, her coffee was ready and Scintillating_Sonny had fired up his laptop…Oh Oh!

Mom, today we start with the basic tiffin- Upma! I have done all the research online. There are various types – Rava, Cornmeal, Oats and..

Oats? You had to search online for that? I am paid to write about oats! And here, you search online? Here is the link to my blogpost containing the recipes, all made from oats!” All_Jazz was reckless!

All_Jazz never knew when to stop. She was forever putting her foot in the mouth – kind of making the ends meet really. May be it was the caffeine that was doing the crazy talk.

Mom, today we start with Rava, tomorrow oats and day after we try corn-meal!

Scintillating_Sonny never saw All_Jazz fainting.

And so it went on – Sonny’s experiments with Upma. The family gamely indulged.

On a crispy Sunday morning, as All_Jazz sat solving Sudoku, Sonny served up this bowl. She started believing in heaven again!!

It is up to us Moms to make sure gender bias doesn’t creep into our upbringing of our children. The children have to be self sufficient and independent!15400565_10154915523983846_5622098262640255483_n

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