Count Your Blessings

On 24th of Jan, I was invited to be a part of a ladies’ meet, to share my journey so far.

The ladies had met, to discuss the challenges that women face, once they hit 40. Whether it is coping with the emotional stress, bodily changes or the pitfalls of a career change.

It was a very invigorating session.

As I came back, I realized how fortunate I had been, to get the chances I got. How things fell in place, when the time was right, or was it the other way round?

The switch from an ill, overweight, meandering through life, lost planet to a content but still searching sistah, had been comparatively smooth.

But it wasn’t as if the life was never shitty. Who manages to escape the heft of destiny?

When we lost someone very dear to us, it was as if that departed soul became our guardian angel from the worlds above. Due the attendant monetary vulgarities, as we stared at the brink, my parents became pillars of rock, standing right by our side, guiding and chiding us. In the process, our tiny family became closer and battle hardened.

We quickly learnt to look at the glass, half full.

As I came out of the above mentioned session feeling blessed, I refreshed mentally, a few mantras, which have helped me so far to stay afloat.

  1. Good always begets good. Do good and watch your good karma grow and wipe out the bad karma.
  2. Love yourself the most yet be your harshest critic. Be aware of your plusses and minuses.
  3. Invest in your health. Top priority!
  4. Shop guilt free.
  5. Don’t worry about others’ opinions. So long as they don’t pay your bills, they don’t have a say.
  6. Draw up a balance sheet. Take stock. Your blessings will always outweigh your curses.
  7. Chart your future goals. Paint a mental picture. Be realistic about it.
  8. Plan the path ahead. Acquire the necessary skillsets. Be the eternal learner!
  9. Chase those dreams steadfastly. Be very disciplined. Don’t be scared to ask for advice.

Chase Excellence and success will follow!  Oh yeah, Money too!

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