F – Fries

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In this series, I will write about South Indian Food – Typically Telugu food

#SouthieSaga – Fries or Vepullu


Child Cries

“This And Rice”

A Vexed Mother Tries

“Not A Very Healthy Vice”

A  Loving Tender Amma Finally Complies

The Chosen Vegetables Peeled  And Quickly Diced

Potatoes, Brinjals, Bhendi, Colocasia, Bananas To Uniform Size

Blanched And Stir Fried, Shallow Fried, Or Deep Fried

Sprinkle Salt, Chillies, Serve With Rice, Finished In A Trice

Seeing Her Child’s Happy Eyes, The Mom Sighs But Smiles

Ghee, Crispy Fries, Pickle, Appadams, Served With Hot Rice

Though Definitely  Not Any Sane Doctor’s Correct Advice

Potato Crispies Always Give Me The Highs

Though Scintillating Sonny Loves Banana Fries

Darling Dotty Prefers Bhendi Diced

Hmm-Husband Simple Shies

Time Just Flies

With Rice



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