A drop in the ocean


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She had become this human machine, working nonstop, round the clock, 24/7!

Her entire day was divided into slots of home upkeep, office work, monitoring of children and few minuscule hours of much needed sleep.

Often tired and irritable, she let go at the family, who sometimes bore it silently and sometimes gave it back. Unhappiness all around

She had helpers and her mother who stayed with them to help out with the children. Yet..

On a Sunday, the wife and husband had a war of words with many unnecessary harsh truths about each other used as weapons. The husband then stormed out the house. The children slipped out to the playground.

As she sat crying, her mother came down and sat next to her.

Dear girl, wipe your tears. Let me tell you a story.

Ram was watching the bridge being built across the water, to reach Lanka, by the army of monkeys, bears etc. His eyes then fell on a squirrel, valiantly carrying pebbles to plug in the holes between the boulders making the bridge. The squirrel, exhausted with it’s effort, sat panting. Ram reached out and caressed it by running his fingers across the length of it’s body. Ever since the squirrels have had those three lines.

How is this relevant? You forget that, when you are tired and yet working, your husband rustles up something to drink for you. Without your asking. His act could be a tiny drop in the ocean of daily drivel, thoughtful nonetheless. You have servants, yet you insist on supervising, redoing and adding to your burden.

Learn to let go. Get freer. Supernovas delegate and oversee. Don’t fret unnecessarily.

Make someone else responsible and let them learn to do it to your liking. Let your children grow into independent beings. You are an omnipresent mother. You even carry this trait to work, often saddling yourself with more burden than necessary. What is the team for?

I know dear, you are one in a million but you must also remember that you are also a drop in the ocean. Sometimes we feel we have a lot like a great career, house, money but it is very little compared to what is needed. A great home, good friends and a happy life. Please appreciate every small effort, every small contribution, made in the right direction. It makes a significant difference to your life.

Dear girl, even a drop in the ocean counts.

Now get up, call him, go out and enjoy. I will look after the kids. Don’t worry, they are in safe hands. After all, I raised you dear, to be this spectacular person.

She got up, hugging her mother tightly and reached for her phone.

It was going to be great week.

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