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In this series, I will write about South Indian Food – Typically Telugu food

#SouthieSaga – Sambar

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Sambar, a delectable gravy dish

That I with all my senses, truly relish

A silent partner to an Idly, Dosa, Vada, Ootappam or the humble Rice

You should have it super hot, with crunchy fries

Boil the washed Tuvvar Dal, giving it a couple of whistles in a pressure-cooker

In a hot pan, add some ghee, jeera, methi, Rai, hing, curry leaves and watch them splutter

Add chopped vegetables of your choice and  give a quick stir

Add Tamarind water and after one boil, add dal and a spoonful of Sambar Masala, MTR


Rice and Sambar makes for a great Sunday lunch

Try this recipe, You will enjoy, that’s my hunch


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