T-Tamarind Rice

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In this series, I will write about South Indian Food – Typically Telugu food

#SouthieSaga – Tamarind Rice

A Tangy, Spicy, a bit sweet, an eternal Andhra Rice Speciality

No festival is ever complete without this dish ‘oh tasty’

Take super Sona-Masuri rice, boil to perfection, adding salt and oil

Squeeze some tamarind juice, give a quick boil

Now comes the perfect seasoning

A test of your deft cooking

Add some oil to pan, then Chillies, Cashews, MoongPhali

Stir them and add little Chana, Udad, Rai and stir carefully

The final twist is the fragrant Hing and fresh Curry-leaves

Add this hot tadka, tamarind juice to rice grains

Eat hot or cold

“It tastes Yum” You will be told

8 thoughts on “T-Tamarind Rice

  1. You are going strong, lady! Of course, Tamarind rice is on a pedestal—-revered as food for the Gods alsmost! No wonder it is served as prasadam in so many south Indian temples!

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