A to Z Challenge 2017, Reflections


I have made it through to the end of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2017 successfully, and so I give myself a big pat on the back and accept a hearty cheer of congratulations from all of you.  That was definitely some feat  considering the work load I had in the month of April and I unabashedly feel I deserve the recognition for having achieved this feat.

As a survivor of the April A to Z Challenge 2017, I have earned the official A to Z Survivor Badge to wear proudly on my site to show all of the world my accomplishment. Because, often unable to cope with the pressure of all-round deadlines, I mulled at giving this challenge up.

At my these low points, my family stood rock solid behind me, goading me, indulging my tripe. I cannot thank them enough.

I had a theme way back in February 2017. I was going to write about my South Indian Savories. But on April 1st as I dilly-dallied, at the very last moment, a dear friend literally pushed me into doing this. There was no internet at home and I had fever. At her insistence, I managed my first post for the letter ‘A’ through my phone which had a data plan.

I have now a new series on culinary affairs, thanks to this dear friend. C.V. Lakshmi, this series goes for you. I have discovered the recipes of some forgotten gems and received some wonderful comments on blogs for my efforts. My only regret? I have not been diligent in visiting fellow bloggers’ space.

This is my second outing at the blogging challenge and I’m sure now, I may not do it next year again. But hey, I said the same thing last May too.

So see you around, next year.

Adios Amigos, Happy Blogging!

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