I am Happy When

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers byBlogAdda.’

What makes me happy? The little things really. 

Lying down on my bed, with my family nearby, watching something on the telly

Talking stuff with children

The comforting silence between husband and I

The heart-to-heart chatathons with mom

When my dad narrates a joke

When I rustle up a perfect dish

When I have vanilla ice-cream with fresh mangoes

When the words are strung together in a perfect symphony to tell an enthralling tale

When the canvas is filled with riotous colours

When I see the flame of forest in full bloom

When I see that I have lost half-a-kilo

When my feet are washed by the waves of the sea

When the Sun rises between the mountains

The fragrance of first rain

When I get a terrific haircut

When I dress up

When I see that my stomach is a little bit flatter

When I get complimented for my work

When I get hugs from Bacchas

When targets are achieved, new ones set

When a baby smiles and I munch crispy fries

When I ogle at the matinee idol or when we sing

Life is lived in small moments of pure pleasure.

Live life Queen Size! Keep Walking, Rocking!!

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