Magic Wand

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

Give me a magic wand and I will make the unwilling time, dance under my tune. I would protect you forever.‘ Says that mom, who lovingly carries her baby in her snug womb, under the threat of a premature delivery, hoping for a full term. 

‘Give me a magic wand and I will make time pass by, so slowly!’  Laments that Also-Ran runner, who misses the winning spot by a whisker! By a teeny tiny, Millie Second!

Can I rewind Time? May I have such a magic wand please?‘ pleads that office girl, who misses her 8:13 shuttle by mere two steps and thus, her much awaited promotion.

Prod that relative, who has everything but time…Who has only those few months to live and who somehow, hopes to be forever alive! Wouldn’t he want a magic wand, just to prolong his time and settle his accounts – Debts of favors and loans of charity ?

Surely that father, who stares wistfully at his silent phone, showing pictures of his moppets who have grown wings and long gone, does wish for a wand, to make a long gone yesterday, a forever today!

Query that mother who waits for her son, who has gone in search of greener pastures, promising to be back in six months but years have passed by. Wouldn’t she want the wand, to change the status quo?

Some would want  the scalpel of a skillful doctor, to be their magic wand, which might restore their bygone looks. Some would wish for a flatter midriff and some, a tour of the world. Most would settle for food on their plate, a roof on their heads and threads in their cupboards. Some intrepid amongst us, would want to leave their footprints, on the sands of time.

We all want our magic wand.  What would I do, if I had a Magic wand?

Time goes by so quickly, like sand..So, I would relive my fond memories that I hold onto very dearly, that keep me warm and hopeful, on a wintry day.  Also, I would make sure, my family is happy and healthy. I would beseech the wand, to have His guiding hand on us.

The rest, will fall into place, anyways.


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