Aditya Gautam And #Pornistan

The itch to tell a story!

The itch to stitch those random words that bounce as ideas in your head!

The bliss that comes when a piece writes itself!

These are some of the compelling factors that drive one to give up much in life, just to be a writer. To find a voice and resonance. To some, writing is cathartic, to some, it is life-defining.

This is the inspirational story of Aditya Gautam. 

Aditya floated through his childhood, probably due to a teacher who left some very scarring memories. After his 12th, Aditya decided to pursue B.C.A. because friends were doing it. Dropped out after a year and a half as he hated it. He went to Gold Coast, Australia to study Hotel Management. His stepping out of the parental home and taking care of self, made him grow up almost overnight. Aditya also did part-time jobs while studying, to pay up his study loans.

Meanwhile, in India, ‘India against Corruption Movement‘ was taking off. Aditya was motivated enough to move back to India. He joined and helped out with the movement. It was a transformative one and a half years where he edited and wrote for ‘Aap Ki Kranti‘,  the official magazine, which sold a hundred thousand copies in a month. He lived off his savings. In his own words, it has been a life-changing experience. When AAP came to power in Delhi, he was offered a paying job, but all Aditya wanted to do, was to WRITE.

He went back to Australia, tried writing a work of fiction. He also wrote for Indus age. But then epiphany struck and the nonfictional #Pornistan took shape. He finally found his calling.

As Aditya confesses, his exposure to porn at an early age has had the debilitating effect on his outlook to life, on his relationships, his understanding of sexuality. When asked why he chose to write about porn, Aditya said, this was one topic he felt very strongly about, as in India, the addiction to porn amongst the teenagers has assumed epidemic proportions. Soon #Pornistan was written. The words just tumbled out as he had experienced first hand, the harmful effects of this toxic addiction.

Internet porn with its endless variety of hardcore, sexual videos streaming with a click of a button is seen by us, our intimate partners and most kids by the time they are eleven have seen it too. Why do we humans watch porn in the first place? What role does porn play in the Indian sexual revolution? We all know what it does to our body, but what happens to our mind? Should we ban porn? Is internet porn hindering or facilitating the libido of men or the sexual liberation of Indian women?

Pornistan aims at answering these questions. Featuring interviews with India’s leading experts, doctors, latest studies from around the world, some relatable short stories,  Pornsitan pegs as the sex education you didn’t receive at school.

Of course, the journey of Pornistan hasn’t been easy. Most of the established publishers were skeptical considering the explosive nature of his subject.  But Aditya hung on. Because he believed in his book. Readomania is the publisher who launched this book.

Aditya has been traveling across, talking about his book and the response has been overwhelming. Many (mothers, young ones, relatives)  have written to him, identifying with the book. It has given them the courage to talk about porn with kids.

He hopes to continue writing because it completes him. He balances between writing fiction and freelance writing.

Because for some, writing isn’t simply stringing words together. It is game-changing.

And for some? Writing is an identity bestower.

And that is what drives most!

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