Kadam Chhota, Change Bada!

Let me at the very outset confess that I wasn’t going to participate in this.

What could I add that hasn’t been said already? But the recent events in my own small sphere have been instrumental in my penning this post.

Scintillating_Sonny has been interning in a new city. A packed semester left him very little time to finalize a place to stay in his chosen city. Scintillating_Sonny was to stay with his seniors from college for a couple days and then move into his own quarters.

As parents of grown-ups, we are simply expected to stay back and watch the scary proceedings while flaunting a benign understanding smile, with tsunamis exploding in our stomachs. Plus transferring the money as and when required. The itch to set things right is so overpowering that your knuckles turn white because you are holding onto the chairs to control yourself and avoid saying ‘I told you! But you just don’t listen to me!“.

Thanks to GyaaniGoogle, we knew all about his trysts with destiny. I think my hotline with God worked because Scintillating_Sonny soon found a place to stay, where all the checkboxes were ticked. (Well Lord Supreme had to respond. I was buzzing him non-stop, 24/7)

During his stay with his seniors, Sonny made the breakfast every day. As luck would have it when he was vacating the seniors’ house, there were no flatmates present. My boy cleaned the entire kitchen, washed the dishes, restocked the fridge, cleaned up the bathroom too. Like a typical mom, I wailed away singing, “Badi nazo se pali Hamara Banna“. It was Hmm_Husband who brought back some needed clarity. “We should be proud of the way we have raised him. Self-sufficient and highly responsible. Take pride in that and stop moping! He is a survivor!

Bhale hi mere Kadam Chhota ho, yeh Change Bada hi hai!

Because Sonny is completely house-trained. Countless times he has rustled up food for the family while I was busy with my own work. Washed the dishes when the maid didn’t turn up.  Hmm_Husband has been the pusher here, saying everyone needs to contribute to the efficient running of a home.

Right now, in her summer holidays, Darling-Dotty is being trained to look after the morning routine of the kitchen.

As a family, we may not be bringing in the revolution. But we are making a small change in our own sphere, where there is no gender associated with chores and all four of us are equal entities making a beautiful whole.

In the FB group (SeniorSchoolMoms) that I admin, Moms query freely and frankly about the educational options ahead for their children and seek assistance for their teenagers’ troubles like cyberbullying, peer pressure, relationship issues.

 I am happy that I have been able to create a supportive and an idea-sharing platform where Moms could be free of harsh judgments.

My ‘Happy Hours’ are 5-7pm when I tutor teenagers of the condo. No topic is taboo enough. We discuss everything.

I often say that Rational Thinking should be the only religion because increased Misogyny is the vile by-product when misplaced machismo gets heralded as exemplary.

When we raise sorted, rational, fair children, unburdened by the narrow schisms of society, we would have contributed to nation building.

The change begins with me.

Let us keep walking.

Every change begins with a small step, whether it’s a change within your family or the whole country! India’s hero, Padman, had its digital premiere on ZEE5, on 11th May. Don’t miss this inspiring true-life story, on ZEE5. Download the app and subscribe nowFor every subscription, ZEE5 will donate Rs. 5 towards the personal hygiene needs of underprivileged women.

30 Minutes Timer To Just Write

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 11.01.37 PM


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

30 Minutes timer to write

To write whatever comes to your mind, without the worry of corrections and paying attention to grammar. It is a cardinal sin, one part of me screams.

This from someone who wrote -Florence Nightingale was a promiscuous lady ( I thought this was some kickass word ).

About 4 years back, as i struggled with a major disease, i started writing these lil daily snippets on facebook. Then gingerly ventured into story writing. One fine day, a mail came asking for permission to print a story of mine – Awright! No one fools in June right? That is an April Trick. Turned out the mail was as true as sunrise.

One thing led to another and now i feel incomplete unless i write something and unleash on the poor unsuspecting world. How they react to it? Well that is the thing about fb. It does announce to the world when so and so become friends but when someone unfriends you, you wouldn’t even know. So in the comforting bliss of my ignorance, I flood the cyber-space, that they are eagerly lapping it up (shh- even if you are not, don’t say it!)

But these days, there is a ritual to be followed once you decide to write your quota of 400 words.

  1. Charge your Mac
  2. Check into fb – shower the like/love on posts you love and like ( yeah it is the other way round) – hoping that you will be showered with similar love. Fingers crossed.
  3. Now that Amazon Prime has been picked at 11:30 pm on the last day of the 499/- offer, check if any new shows/movies have been added. Curse self for not seeing House of Cards completely, before they spaced out Kevin.
  4. And frown at web.whatsapp with its crazily mushrooming groups and the ‘Hello it is a beautiful Morning! You are super special! Go seize the day!” pings. Everyone gets the same message okay? So everyone is unique and special no? Aila! First of all, Mine was a terrible Sunday where i suffered the whole day with the knots in my stomach – Wisdom tooth as is expected is coming horizontally (that explains everything!) and I stare at a root canal thrown in as a bonus. Okay I love ‘Buy one- Get one Free’ But this is bumper bonus!  Plus the washing machine creates Madras Flash floods in the kitchen the moment I switch on. The service engineer cannot come because his stock of gasket has been eaten by rats! I swear i am not making up anything. While I lie groaning holding teeth, husband and daughter cook. Something positive did come out of the mayhem.
  5. And on cue son calls. He was always a nut, now he is a health nut. He starts off with a grandiose ‘I am disappointed with you’ Oh yeah that means I am top notch mom. But this time because we haven’t kickstarted our health fix. He then proceeds to give a dressing down to hubby and daughter at the skewed gender bender. They should be more self-sufficient! Have you ever been in liquid oxygen? The type that can not kill you yet wont let you die – same thing I feel – don’t know whether to be exhilarated or cry in agony.
  6. Finally to actual writing. Funnily, without fail, always my daughter takes out her ukulele and belts out top 50 chart busters in UK and USA too. Though the expenses of her music classes now seem to be well worth it – there are times i want to be like that uni-dimensionally angry poppa of secret-superstar – You know, Ukulele’s strings magically get &*^&&. But I know what hell will await me, if that were to happen. Did we forget that husband? He chooses that very moment to share something that happened in Tunisia or those seminary innocuous news bits but will be counted tomorrow as the footprints that changed the world. I nod, I also listen though sometimes, I just hear.
  7. Finally peace! But by now, I have quite forgotten what I was going to write. So i start the loop again – Now you know why I am an eternal Work In Progress? 
  8. Phew I have been writing for  the past 28 minutes continuously- Just whatever came to my mind.
  9. This is the unedited, first draft as the rules demand. I started at 10:30pm and at 11:00PM 😀
  10. So it is a Yes I Can – There is Hope and tomorrow is a better day! Amen
  11. Pens down

An Unforgettable Friend

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 10.28.27 PM


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

I carry your heart…I carry it in my heart

Thought the teary-eyed, recuperating patient, lying on his bed, in the intensive care unit.

In a split second, he was back in time and to the very place where it had all started.

They were childhood friends, who grew up with same tastes and who then developed intense feelings for each other. The boys knew, they couldn’t let the world sneak in on their secret. It wouldn’t understand with its draconian divisions of people.

So they masqueraded their affection as ‘close-friendship’ lest the hyper vigilante society separated them, punishing them.

They then decided that the first world with its more liberal outlook might be safe for them to disappear, to breathe free, to be alive.

The families definitely had no clue about this. Otherwise, all hell would be let loose.

They even acquired the requisite permits till a killer truck played the spoilsport, while they were returning from a night-show.

It is a perfect match. Both are of same age, build and height. Ravi has a chance to live if Sarath’s heart is used for implanting.”  The good doctor had advised.

Beta, I see my lost son in you.” cried Sarath’s mother, clutching Ravi.

I carry your heart…I carry it in my heart!

And in death, we are finally together, away from this rigid society’s judgements and rancor. Rest in peace, my love, my unforgettable friend. For now, I will protect you with my life” Thought Ravi, clutching his beloved heart.

A Valentine Tale


Aslesha looked around her office. Somehow there was too much red all around, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner.

Aslesha hated February. It was the month that had given her love and also had asked so much of her.

Aslesha instinctively looked at the date and shuddered.

14th Feb, was just a week away. It took her a whole year to recover from the effect of this day. Year after year. A never ending emotional ringer

For, it was the day, when Amir had proposed to her and years later, on the very same day, she chose to pull the plug on him.

Amir And Aslesha, were as different as chalk and cheese. She was a beauteous brainy. He was a brawny charmer. They were classmates at the university. Amir was struck by the thunderbolt as soon as he saw her. He pursued Aslesha ardently. Aslesha came from a very conservative background and she knew that religion would be the deal breaker. She tried her very best to keep away but soon succumbed to his wooing. Two years whirred past, while they became closer and closer.

They both acquired their degrees and were now ready to take on the world. They decided to get hitched. All hell broke loose in their respective families. Hastily alternate alliances were settled after threats of suicides and mass killings.


One fine day, Amir and Aslesha escaped to the Maximum city, after tying the knot and disappeared into the pulsating crowd. It was the 14th of Feb. They both found jobs and set up a small loving home. Soon Shehzyada, their son, arrived on the scene. Everything was just perfect though Families had disowned them

They say,  life comes in waves of crests and troughs.

One evening, Amir wound up his work quickly and was on his way home. He was already running late. They were to watch the latest flick and then plan about their 5th wedding anniversary.

He never made it home.

Aslesha collapsed in a heap when that dreaded call came. His parents came running but her parents hadn’t forgiven her yet. All called her vile names and said she was bad luck personified, who claimed  her husband’s life.

The doctors soon gave up. There was no question of reviving him. It was just a matter of time – Unplugging the ventilator and seeing the flatline.

Yes, some of his vital organs could give a breath of life to some very needy. It was her decision to take and her’s alone.

As her world came crashing around her, as her relatives, who were supposed to be her strength, castigated her, as they threatened to take away her prince, she became rock solid and took the toughest decision of life. She made Amir live on, with her supreme sacrifice. She saw hell on earth while she became the angel to many.

It was 14th Feb. She then rose like a phoenix from hers ashes. Work consumed her and her son became her strength.

It was the constant ringing of her phone that finally brought Aslesha into the present.

It was Aaron on the other side, confirming their dinner plans, for the evening.

Aslesha, wearily made her way towards her pad. Sheh, her now strapping son, was in his room, studying.

How was your day? Have your dinner on time. I’m going out..”Aslesha said.

Aaron?” Sheh asked. Aslesha merely nodded.

Mom, what are you going to do about his proposal?

Sheh!!” Aslesha was angry now.

Mom, you deserve your share of happiness. Put your past behind. We have had so many discussions on this. You cannot let the poor guy hang around forever. You will never see those days again. Don’t hurt so much. Embrace the joy that Aaron promises you!

Sheh! You are talking beyond your age. I do not appreciate this. And..

Mom, just give it another thought. Okay?” Aslesha fell silent as Sheh got up to hug her and comfort her.

Aslesha then went for her dinner. Loving Aaron was waiting patiently. He popped the question again.

Aslesha, My love for you, is enough to see us through. I won’t leave you. Ever! It is a promise. Abide with me.” Aaron held her hand as she wept.

Aslesha finally took a leap of faith and a shot at embracing life again.

Aaron and Aslesha got married with Sheh being the best man.

It was the 14th of Feb. marriage3

Upma and AnUpma

Scintillating_Sonny shook All_Jazz, as she gentle snored at around 10 am, on a wintry morning.

Damn! another earthquake? Where the hell is that handy backpack carrying all the essential documents?” All_Jazz mulled as her limited zonked out  brain cells tried to comprehend the enormity of the situation.

We need to talk!” Scintillating_Sonny sternly suggested, as he continued to shake All_Jazz, his mom!

Have we reached that stage in our relationship already Sonny?” stuttered All_Jazz, slowly coming to life, in the man-kind infested world.

Yes! And it is high time! I have to be independent now! Teach me how to cook!” 


This from the First-Born when the Second-Born, the Darling_Dotty, sprawled in front of the TV, had screamed, “Khana Milega? Ya lena Padega?” Uff you never know with these ones really!

Huh? Sonny? Are you ok? Anything serious? Are you setting up another home?

Mom! Why do you go off on a tangent, always?

I haven’t had my caffeine fix yet!

Go and finish your ablutions and I will get you a steaming cup of coffee!

Seriously? Were Gods on her side today?

As she came out of the loo, her coffee was ready and Scintillating_Sonny had fired up his laptop…Oh Oh!

Mom, today we start with the basic tiffin- Upma! I have done all the research online. There are various types – Rava, Cornmeal, Oats and..

Oats? You had to search online for that? I am paid to write about oats! And here, you search online? Here is the link to my blogpost containing the recipes, all made from oats!” All_Jazz was reckless!

All_Jazz never knew when to stop. She was forever putting her foot in the mouth – kind of making the ends meet really. May be it was the caffeine that was doing the crazy talk.

Mom, today we start with Rava, tomorrow oats and day after we try corn-meal!

Scintillating_Sonny never saw All_Jazz fainting.

And so it went on – Sonny’s experiments with Upma. The family gamely indulged.

On a crispy Sunday morning, as All_Jazz sat solving Sudoku, Sonny served up this bowl. She started believing in heaven again!!

It is up to us Moms to make sure gender bias doesn’t creep into our upbringing of our children. The children have to be self sufficient and independent!15400565_10154915523983846_5622098262640255483_n

Open Letter to be Opened Really


Dearest Bachhas,

I’m back with another open letter to you guys. Seriously! No one reads these open letters anymore. It is time, they got a closure.

Anyway, let me not digress as I am wont to. Sometime back, there was a mail with the breaking news of blogging contest in a parental forum. ‘Having a Baby Changes Everything’. I quick glanced it and got back to work. But in the background, a process was running furiously.

The mind was ticking/mulling/thinking – Did it really change me? Did I undergo a sea change?

Did the change happen at that precise moment, when the pee-stick gave me back two resounding lines and made me bawl my lungs out to all-round mortification?

Or did the change creep in quietly and slowly while I bloated like a whale the first time( Now I am a mini whale but that is besides the point. Stop sniggering at this instant, You two!) Or simply fed up with life, as a seven month pregger, bundled you, my first born into the car and jaunted off to Mussorie as your dad took over the steering?

Maybe it was that instant when the good doctors held you, my first-born as a lil piglet and walloped your bum or when the second-born (of course the most perfect newborn ever!) was presented grandly as a delicate pink rose bud, I fathomed?

Why? It did sink me when you, my first-born, my Scintillating-Sonny, as roly-poly four year old, refused any form of physical outdoor exercise and was the happiest playing with lego-sets at home? But surely I soared when the same ladoo grew up into a strapping six footer. Now you do deep trekking which requires great stamina! How times and situations change!

It did pinch terribly, when you my second-born, without an iota of sadness, sauntered off to school, on your first day. But then I was happy, you were settling in fast and winning hearts all over.

Did I not shed a thousand silent tears, when you, my second-born, my Darling-Dotty, teary-eyed and scared as a kitten, announce the first periods? You are growing up way too fast honey and it is a big bad world out there. My lil flower, I do hope I can succeed in making you strong enough to watch out for all the hyenas out there and sensible and generous enough.

Did my heart not break into a hundred pieces, when you, my Scintillating-Sonny, chose to leave home and make a mark on the world’s stage? You exulted far more at a hostel seat than at a college seat! It was the hardest thing to do, letting you go, cutting my apron-strings. But then I held on resolutely because that is the only way ahead.

And the heart preened and the Manva did a rain dance as Scintillating-Sonny notched up successes and the world loved Darling-Dotty.

when my event and Dotty, your event clashed yet I obsessed over yours, like a mother hen.

Let it be known that, you both drive me insane. Thanks to you kiddos, My BP has shot up by several notches. I am suspicious, I am beginning to sport a bald pate, the expensive giggly twelve year old wala hair cuts not withstanding. I can also pass off as the friendly neighborhood Santa thanks to my jiggly-wigglies!

But would I ever have it any other ways?

I’m a Mother till I’m boxed and I’m warning you guys, I will be watching you from the world above too. Yeah I’m going to heaven, First Class! No way in hell. So, no respite there too.

I finally wind up with these words ( That is the pattern – I Praise, I then Castigate, then give the finishing touches by giving you some Ceolho worthy Gyaan)

I sincerely hope that I have been able to pass onto you what my parents have taught me. I can only fervently pray that you achieve all that you dream and more – That I was scared even to think of.

BTW, Dad also feels the same for all the above. I made him say so! Remember he is 50% responsible for all the mayhem that got unleashed.

So there!

Yours Eternally,

Your (S)mothering Amma/Mom

Try Writing Funny While the Family Sermons

“Make Sure It is rip roaringly funny!”

On that ominous advice, the call ends.

Even before I can have a word in edgeways.

I nod absentmindedly and mutter some native unmentionable expletives.

Burnt acrid smell, jolts me up.

Rats! Panner Bhujiya has now turned into Burnt Bhajiya.

I throw in some sparkling greens to mask the mess, hoping to bring in some color.

The pan resembles a very muddy earth with smattering of bushes.

Grub done, I announce to all and sundry “I am working now!”

It is obvious that no one has paid much attention.

Darling Dotty comes in with her ukulele, gives me a bone crushing hug and without any warning takes off into a “Cheer you Up While You Work” Wala song!

The song is something very absurdly called “Little talk!” but lasts real long.

At the very moment Hmm-Husband decides to discuss financials, interest rates and FDS.

In walks Scintillating Sonny, who then gives me a no holds bar update on Potato Prices for the past 100 years. Not satisfied, he then takes an on the spot tutorial, to see if I am paying any attention. I barely pass.

Hmm_Husband is still continuing with his comparison of ICICI and HDFC while Darling Dotty has now moved onto “Ode to Joy” at full throttle, on the hindsight not so very joyful. Drats!

I later discover that the maid sensing a God almighty chance, declares a Chutthi for herself the next day and scoots off before I can understand the full impact of her muffled speech.

I am still sporting that giddy goofy smile and planning out high Falutin sentences.

Only they aren’t funny any more.

My dad calls on cue, extremely bugged that I haven’t called him to update on his latest gadget query.

My mother also pitches in, declaring quite selflessly, “I read your latest article. Full of mistakes as usual. Don’t worry, I have highlighted them in red, for your convenience! You can correct and try not to repeat”

I am still figuring out my next word as my battered brain tries some mental exercises like 2+2 and what follows after ‘A’

Daughter now croons “sounds of silence”

Irony anyone?

After talking about Potatoes, Son comes back to that existential question.

”Khaane men Kya Hai?” Obviously Burnt Bhajiya doesn’t quite cut it. He then potters off to kitchen to rustle up something for himself.

Oh dear God!! Should I worry?

Hmm_Husband now brings SBI into the interest

In this bedlam, that dreaded call comes again with same rejoinder!

“Remember the deadline is tomorrow and Funny is the key word!”

Yeah Right!

But would I ever have it otherwise?


Lurking under this supposed bedlam are the strong family ties and deep love for each other.

Because ultimately, Family is everything.


An Open Letter! Open It


Ok Then!

I succumb to this trendy trend of open letters and write one to you!

My dearest twin delights and growing assets,

( Dear reader, Now! Don’t roll your eyes!  Before thy mind starts meandering, I am referring to my two bacchas).

So what gives? Apart from the daily drone?

As a good measure, I have added the Esteemed Grammie to the receivers’ list. She can play the eternal Grammar Nazi to her utter delight ( hopefully in private 🙂 )

Scintillating Sonny, you are a towering personality! Literally at 6’2”. Invariably people have to look up to you, given the average height and your ahem, length. Now just match that scenario up with some action. I know, you are already on to it.

But being your mater, I shall eternally natter.

You have taught me the Art of Zen in absolute all around chaotic clutter. Hence I look around our pad, close my eyes, pat my back and keep muttering “Aall Izzz Well” “Aall Izzz Well”.

You just chill and enjoy the flow alright?

Virus has told us already, ‘Life is a race’. We will reach the winning post definitely once we have finished enjoying the ‘Greenery’ around.

Surely, you do know that, whether you like it or not, I will sermonize from the grave too.

( Dear Reader, that’s why there is an epitaph!)

Darling Dotty ! Phew! When you start talking like Basanti of Sholay, I simply switch off as I stare with fascination at your jaw movements, dancing hands and fervid facial expressions.

You have taught me the art of dressing up of Mundane Stuff with Mirch Masala and presenting it as breaking news, delivered with absolute chutzpah. Your crazy one-liners honey, have always helped me stay grounded incase I developed any horns.

Keep singing sweetly, my songbird.

They say motherhood is Elevating, Love Affirming, Life Changing, Blah and Blah. 

You children, have made me Scream like a Banshee, Pull my Hair, Made me Fat, Thin, Wobbly, Matronly, Weep with Frustration, Jump with Joy and Cuddle for Comfort.  

But then, You Complete Me.

Because, Everyday with You is such FUN, in spite of US!

I wouldn’t part with you, even for God.

So March ahead into this world and stamp your presence.

I know it’s difficult to cut the apron strings but I promise I will try.

I will be a good Facebook friend by not tagging you unnecessarily and WhatsApp you about 5 times an hour with feel good messages on noble virtues. We will also Hangout, SnapChat and Skype if need be.

Dearest Mom (and dad), What would I have done without you?

I thought long and hard, putting my non existential brain to work. Not much really! You have helped me progress from ‘Florence Nightingale was a promiscuous lady’ to hoping to pen a novella.

You have always been there mom, with your constant corrections of my ‘Articles’, pronouns and prepositions.

As I daily dispense my random rumblings on the unsuspecting public at large, your work load of proofreading my tripe, has increased tremendously. Thank you..

( Dear Reader, that’s why it is good to have a mother who is a teacher! )

There, now that I have put all my cards on the table, can we have some silence please?

I am thinking hard here, about the next missive to be fired on those innocent readers out there, who have no clue what is going to hit them.

No more of those loving conversations.. “What’s for food mom?”

While you are at it, set me up with a plate too with a strong coffee to go!!

No mutterings too. Because, I Anupama Jain, am supposedly a writer. I definitely do not have the right to remain silent. Anything you, my dear family says, can and will be used in my writings and put up for the whole wide world to scrutinize, analyze, summarize.

Now, where’s my blessed couch?

Y Chromosome – The Crown Prince



I bawled my eyeballs out, when I discovered the big news.

I literally killed myself getting that lil rat out.

The nurse made a huge melodrama presenting this squiggly baby to me.

I set my eyes on you for the first time when they held you by a leg and whacked the life out of you. One cry and my life changed eternally. Nothing is gonna be the same ever again, even though those been-there, done-that wiseys keep saying, quite the opposite.

I obsessed over the unmentionables by you while I coolly polished off the entire table.

Time flew with Admissions, Alphabet, Arithmetic, Scratches, Fever, College, Heartaches becoming the topics of the day..

We have had some fantastic times, Sonny, managed to come through some terrible times and sticky situations by simply being there for each other. We chatted well into the night sharing each other’s dreams  and fears but also fought with each other on trivial issues.

That life lived queen size moments for me was when you, my ‘Man-child’ said

 “Mom, I like your company, you should more spend time with me. You are stronger and braver than Batman and Superman put together

I know! I know!! You were just being hyperbolic but still,

What the hell! Made my day!!

Then you followed it up with this!

Hopeful Moi “Sonny, how do I look in this new T-Shirt?

Loving You  “Adnan Sami in John Abraham’s T-Shirt!”

How times have changed. Now each time You call Me, I use Net Banking and each time I call you Sonny, you  use Call Dropping

I keep my phone, completely charged, next to me, in the night too (Radiation, emission, cancer be damned), lest I miss your call – the call that makes my day,  makes me smile and shine like a 100 Watt bulb.

The call does come. Usually after midnight, after I’m zonked out to the world. Which I pick up without fail and  I power up almost instantly.

I understand that  loving you my child, also means letting you go!  Only when I let go, will I let you grow

All I can do is to love you unconditionally and pray that your efforts at conquering life do not singe you or scar.

I pray that while you experiment, you also learn your lessons from  failures (God Forbid).

We always will stand by You. You know that. .

I wish there was a button that could make  my heart less emotional.

I am a mother till I’m boxed! No letting up then too, I’m promising ya

Hopefully my epitaph shall read

“And she (s)mothered us!”

I end with this post with a note I wrote to you on your Birthday

“I can never forget the first time I set my eyes on you – My Miracle !

I was dying of pain and your first cry revived me – God’s Miracle !!

You were a handful and you kept me on my toes

Your radiant smile always won over friends and foes

Have I seen 19 calendars already?

You are all grown up and all ready !

Waiting to conquer the whole wide world !!

But honey, it’s a Big Bad World !!!

How can i let you go so soon?

Darling, it’s all too soon!

I try and tell myself, “It’s time to cut the apron strings”

Let the values that we gave you, be the wind beneath your wings !

Go, Soar, Conquer! The world’s your stage !!

Surely and fondly, we celebrate your growth backstage!!!