Magic Words open the hearts

IMG_20150925_220737Wise ones have said – It never rains but it always pours! Last week was one of those weeks where you got swamped from all directions, one where you were running just to stay put.

Exam season was nearing, I had to make sure the kids coming to my classes were adequately  prepared, so that I did full justice to the faith reposed by their parents. Daughter had to be trained too, for her upcoming annual exams. My third short anthology was getting released, I was to be one of the emcees at this ceremony, so I had to prepare for that. I was also doing a month long Coursera course with weekly due quizzes. I had to work on that all new front too.

With all this hoopla around, my maid decided to move onto greener pastures. One last good turn she did to me –  she left me a replacement. As the new maid and I, sized up each other, we got slowly adjusted to each other. With so many issues on my head, training her all over again was another added unwanted headache.

On the first day, as she finished work and was ready to go, as was my usual practice, I said “ Bye/Good night, thank you”. She was quite taken aback by this unexpected missive but still nodded shyly and scooted out. Next day morning when she arrived, I wished her good morning. She was surprised and spent a little longer time on my dishes. This practice of good morning and good night continued. She began to spend more time, settled in quickly. She hardly needed any more supervision now.  Till the crazy day arrived.

I was so busy teaching, studying, writing and generally going wonky that I hadn’t noticed that she had finished her work and was about to go. I waved her off absentmindedly as she left. She gave a loud “ Good night Didi” twice, just in case i didn’t hear the first one and left.

I forgot but she remembered, and it left a warm feeling inside. It was great to be connected.

The basic niceties of thank you and Good morning or night have simply made me less monstrous to her and she has gone out of her way to help me out during my times of need.

We live in stressful times. We should invest in a bankable support system- be it parents, in-laws, siblings, maids – whatever works. And thank our guiding stars for our support system’s valuable presence in our success. They help us in chasing and attaining our dreams.

Magic words like thank you, sorry, yes please, I love you, always manage to open the doors. These supposedly simple words go a long way in breaking the ice or cementing a relationship.

My children are my sustaining forces. My parents egg me. Incidentally with the help of my caring children,  non interfering husband and the new maid, I aced the exam, did a good job with the emceeing. As far as my classes go, I am eternally a WIP. The results will tell if the mothers will come back to beat me up or pat me.

Till then, thank you Godji, Family