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On a Smoggy Day, When Cash turned to Ash

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya Glanir Bhavati Bharata

Abhyutthanam Adharmasya Tadatmanam Srjamya Aham

Whenever and wherever there is a decline in religious practice, O descendant of Bharata, and a predominant rise of irreligion — at that time I descend Myself

It was the same old chaotic status quo in the Great Indian Ancient-Modern Democracy.

After the day made it’s believers break their bones to earn their daily bread, Night had quickly descended upon this dichotomy of a nation.

Some villages welcomed it with flickering candle lights and while the hustling and bustling metros brought in a kicking night life.

Nation’s Conscious Keeper and Primary Carper was at it, screaming his guts out on the satellite waves, demanding that the nation needed to know at that very breathtaking instant about some double hashtagged designer distress.

The men in various families while wolfing down the hot yummy food cooked by their wives, vigorously and vociferously nodded in agreement to this rabble rouser’s bordering-on-jingoism exhortations and the poor neglected wives quietly mulled over divorces and hefty alimony.

And older gen stared vacuously at the buried in 15th century style serials beamed across the idiot boxes. Talk about mass movement!

If this was the situation with the earthlings, the skies above had their own story.

Sri Krishna, the Lord of seven skies, after a sumptuous nine course dinner, decided to hold court with his beauteous wives, Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Nagnajiti, Bhadra and Lakshmana, on the simmering state of his kingdom.

The very holy land where he is deified eternally.

Sri krishna set the ball rolling with a very cryptic “What gives?”

Rukmini being the eldest of the wives, always went first.

“You are becoming famous again. In fact as the earthlings say, you are going Viral honey!”

Krishna “When did I not trend? Am I not the Eternal Alpha male? I am Aspirational and Inspirational. Who wouldn’t want to be in my shoes? I knew how to lead a great life. I had a whale of time, at each stage of my life and…”

SatyaBhama (You could never shush her really!) “And married and remarried as if marriage was going out of style. But I have to agree,You are back in the limelight, thanks to the simmering discontent. Thy name is uttered when all fails. Demonetization, has grabbed the eyeballs of the whole country and has got the pulse of intelligentsia racing. Social Media is going berserk. Most of them are shedding copious tears over downtrodden, the daily wage earners, while some are changing their cover photos in support of the earthling Alpha Male. Cash heavy BBC, has even made a film on Cash crunch”

Jambavati “Blah! Paytm them. Ban Chinese Lights  but use Chinese Gateways. Cheques and Balances are the focus of the day! Proves the great Indian obsession with Notes. Degrees of stashing is a tough nut to crack. Mr. KrazyWall’s videos and their truths have made people roll their eyes and drawl” IITians’!” Sometimes I feel that the extended usage of cough syrup does Irreparable Damage.”

Kalindi “Trust you ladies to focus on irrelevant topics. Yes we are married to the God of Great times and greater lines, but can we please focus on the ATMs? Achieve The Mission ! No Coldplay this. Nothing much to Beef about while we Chicken out”

Mitravinda “These are the days of inclusion, Woman Empowerment and gender equality. Can women be far left behind? We have sisters and mothers competing too for the rolls of dough. And where is the Mother of all Sops? She induces the cape fear in the opponents. Cash Trash was to be her wake-up call from slumber.  The Bengal sister wants the courts to intervene and a rollback. Seriously! And what happens to the torn, flushed and burnt currency?”

Nagnajiti “Huh! Not quite in the Gandhian Mould, I say. It’s all about loving your family, no matter how stupid the progeny is! Ditch the brighter daughter, Pitch in the Dim Bulb on the wary public. Mommy’s crown prince often belts out fault notes. Pappu’s RaGa of finding the pain of the Common Man while trying to withdraw 4000/- was painful to say the least. Could have been a LOL moment, had the circumstances been better. ”

Bhadra “Some say the big fish already knew and they have made their arrangements. This step was to put the cow belt in the Alpha Male’s Kitty. And some others say, what a fish, for the Swiss set, Gold and Land is the real deal. So catch them if you can. The intelligentsia has been divided into Rationalists and Nationalists, Bhakts and Bleeding Hearts and more. It is a terrible time for most with worst yet to come. Some are predicting famine, economic spiral down”

Lakshmana “The country is churning my lord. The honest man works and hopes to make a living, in spite of the overwhelming odds against him, hoping for ’sweeping’ reforms coming his way, while the bhakts and carps sledge it out. But the sloth of Governance! delays the good days that were promised. The aftermath that this Political Hunger game has unleashed will be known eventually – whether it was shortfall or windfall. Deal breaker or a Destiny Changer… Taking your name helps to tide over.”

Krishna “I gave them the Gita. Do your work to your best possible ability, don’t hanker after results. You have the right to work, but never to the fruit of work. Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening, is happening for the good. Whatever will happen, will also happen for the good. Change is the law of the universe. I also…”

And thus while God got busy gossiping and leaders got petulantly busy squabbling, citizens got busy plundering fellow citizens, somewhere in India, a poor farmer sat in his parched field, too tired to even look up for that elusive drop of hope. The cadaverous cow was his companion, willing to be his next meal, if need be, if it came to that…

Heck, That’s now illegal

paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam

dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge

In order to deliver the pious and to annihilate the miscreants, as well as to reestablish the principles of religion, I advent Myself millennium after millennium.

May be its time for Him to make an appearance for the promised deliverance. Many wax ones have faltered only to deceive.

S – Solitaire, Southie, Sloth



I saw you last month… A stand out amongst the bevy of beauties..

Surely, One of His greatest creations..

I couldn’t sleep ever since ..

Every single moment was spent, thinking about you…lusting after you…

I moved Heaven and Earth, plotted any number of schemes to have you…

Just for Me…

You had to succumb to my charms and one fine day, you were Mine…

Every inch…

Sadly my dear, I have a roving eye and your allure is already on the wane..

Another beauty beckons me… Entices me..You cant fault me… Any time now, I shall own her…

A pair of Solitaires deserve a solitaire pendant 😀



Garam Garam Hot Rice

Home made Achar with lots a Spice

Redeemed somehow by Sambar & Fries

To be had with Ghee & Curd on Doctor’s Advice 😀

Finished off in a Trice

Not so hips friendly Vice

But back to it always saying “Very Nice Very Nice”

My Foibles now, hopefully wouldn’t be my Old age Price 😀



Kammo watched the Dusty Cavalcade ride into the setting sun,

Crawling into the hut, she lit a tiny lamp to welcome the dark night….

Pig tailed Kammo clapped when the Handsome Amma promised electricity.

Saree clad kammo was wishful when the Winsome Son echoed..

Wizened Kammo was wistful when the Man replayed…

Now it’s the Babalog ….

Oh the Sloth of Governance! 😦


K – Karmic Justice


Once upon a time, there was this tradition and history seeped kingdom. As it’s denizens got swept away with ideas of nationhood and independence, the kingdom gained freedom from its oppressors and floated a nascent democracy. As its Netas flirted with bubbling ideologies, its Junta coped with abject penury and pathos, driven by that eternal human dope – hope.

The budding nation’s people worked hard and flocked to the timeless capital in search of a better life. As the capital began to burst at the seams and crumble at this overflow, the citizens began to spread to the nearby barren lands.

Land sharks sensed a gold mine. They grabbed the precious land from ryots for peanuts, built tall match boxes and called these “Mansions of Gods” with  all the luxurious amenities. The poor unsuspecting gentry moved into these modern hovels, toiled hard, putting  their blood and sweat back into this growing bad lands. The sharks with ever swelling bank balances, now gave this village a glitzy name and smiled as it leapfrogged into a 21st century millennial city. The government barely interfered as it’s coffers were getting filled to the brim, with taxes.

Not that it really mattered  because the barely there basic infrastructures were provided by the private players.

The city quirkly straddled across two centuries – From a Bhains to Benz with tremulous equanimity, where towering infrastructures dotted the skyline along with crowded by-lanes, bringing in its wake crumbling social mores.

All was a war ravaged status quo when the knowledgeable rulers-to-be had a killer brainwave.

A moniker change dating back to our dated and jaded history was going to be the panacea for all the terrible evils afflicting this megapolis.

A Telegrammic solution for an Instagram age rage.

No opinions were taken. The netizens burst in anger.

After all the forum furies, it was back to business. Nothing much had changed. Bills had to paid and deadlines  met.

People toiled harder and tried to make their lives easy within the given situations, permutations and combinations.

Would their lives ever see better days?

Well it was Nation’s and their Karmic Justice