Simbly SuperPower

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‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

I have two problems. Oh who am I kidding really? I have multitude of problems of which two have known to sort my general outlook on life.

One is my ability to bounce back. This is not just a sly reference to a wobbly belly that refuses to part company no thanks to my two children.

As my son says, since I am stronger than BatMan and SuperMan put together, I also have the tremendous ability to bounce back to normalcy if I am faced with any adverse situations. Here I cannot do much but agree with premise. Children do love their maters at times.

The second problem is that I cannot remain unhappy for more than 24 hours. The moment I see Sunrise or Son-rise, I’m known to forget previous problems and prepare the battle ground for fresh trouble. There is always something brewing somewhere.

Add to this, the secondary problem of short term memory loss, where I can so easily and quickly forget the previous insults, strifes. I quickly become a clean slate rather an empty slate. You get the general drift right?

I guess age does mellow you and one realizes at the end, it really doesn’t matter.

So my Secret Superpower is the ability to move on happily, shrugging off the unwanted extra emotional baggage.

Do try. I tell you, heaven isn’t far!

I Shall Overcome

screen-shot-2017-02-14-at-12-26-08-amThis post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’ 

Have you ever felt all alone in a  buzzing, bustling crowd? 

Felt the cacophony go silent?

Watched the life go by you, while you struggled to hold onto it, barely clutching at the straws?

Tried hard to conquer that deafening roar in your ears?

Had your own demons to slay, while the huffing and puffing crowd posted breathtaking victories?

When your mojo deserted you and you were left with terrible, unbearable pain all over?

Had man’s primitive instincts hover all around you, as the Sun went down and darkness settled in?

 The monstrous, humungous  self-doubts, crawling out of the woodworks and overpowering you, numbing you. It happens, doesn’t it?

It is then, I hum softly, “We shall overcome”.  I put on my face, do my eyes in blackest of blacks, paint my lips scarlet red and take out the glittering diamonds.

No party, no gathering, yet I’m celebrating

And the mirror approves! And how!

At least, I still am there, with my wits about me, waiting for destiny’s knock!

The spring is back and we are good to go.Screen Shot 2017-05-21 at 8.06.23 PM

What I Saw

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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

The conference call finally wound up long after the appointed hour.

The tired Dad checked the time on his laptop.  “Phew! I’m late again!!” He cursed silently and packed up for the day. He had promised his recuperating wife, he would be home early, to take care of their child.  He understood, she needed the rest. But lay-offs all around meant longer hours at work.

Dad came home from work bone tired. He turned the key and stepped in, hoping to find peace. There was no sign of his wife anywhere. But the son was waiting by the bedroom door, playing with his toys.

Dad picked up the son, kissed him and walked inside, “Where’s mama?” he asked.

The son softly replied, “I put her to deep sleep papa….” and smiled oh so quietly.

 What I saw…“. Dad had no chance to complete this sentence… even to himself.

The son continued to play with his toys, humming a nursery rhyme.

All alone.

A to Z Challenge 2017, Reflections


I have made it through to the end of the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge 2017 successfully, and so I give myself a big pat on the back and accept a hearty cheer of congratulations from all of you.  That was definitely some feat  considering the work load I had in the month of April and I unabashedly feel I deserve the recognition for having achieved this feat.

As a survivor of the April A to Z Challenge 2017, I have earned the official A to Z Survivor Badge to wear proudly on my site to show all of the world my accomplishment. Because, often unable to cope with the pressure of all-round deadlines, I mulled at giving this challenge up.

At my these low points, my family stood rock solid behind me, goading me, indulging my tripe. I cannot thank them enough.

I had a theme way back in February 2017. I was going to write about my South Indian Savories. But on April 1st as I dilly-dallied, at the very last moment, a dear friend literally pushed me into doing this. There was no internet at home and I had fever. At her insistence, I managed my first post for the letter ‘A’ through my phone which had a data plan.

I have now a new series on culinary affairs, thanks to this dear friend. C.V. Lakshmi, this series goes for you. I have discovered the recipes of some forgotten gems and received some wonderful comments on blogs for my efforts. My only regret? I have not been diligent in visiting fellow bloggers’ space.

This is my second outing at the blogging challenge and I’m sure now, I may not do it next year again. But hey, I said the same thing last May too.

So see you around, next year.

Adios Amigos, Happy Blogging!